Let’s meet Alex who chose Serge Betsen Rugby to have individual coaching!

Alex had individual coaching with Serge and Ross. He is sharing his experience with us!
My name is Alex Marks and I am currently on a gap year playing rugby in Italy. I’ve just finished school at Stowe, where in 2015 my year were crowned Rosslyn Park National 7s. 
I decided to contact Serge Betsen Rugby, as it was easy to approach and receive correspondence. Playing hooker and being small in stature meant that technical aspects of my game were even more significant and vital in excelling, along with performing effectively for the team. Ross Donegan who like Serge Betsen and other coaching members of the Serge Betsen Rugby programme have played at the highest level. His expertise helped to tweak the most essential part of my game being lineout throwing. This has certainly helped me massively this season and has solidified my overall game as a hooker with small changes making a big difference. 
Another crucial area of the game that every forward needs to concentrate on is the breakdown. Serge helped me tremendously regarding my defensive rucking, and once again technical changes having a big impact on my overall performances. As regards to rucking and the breakdowns not many former players and coaches have the level of experience and knowledge as Serge Betsen and his coaching team. 
Although I was not able to fit numerous amounts of sessions due to flying out to Italy for pre-season, every minute and piece of information was helpful and beneficial. I made sure that I took all information from these sessions, helping me to advance as a player, which is key to gaining everything from personal coaching.
The coaches were very flexible and serious in regards to helping me become a better player and pass down their experience. Along with that their professionalism was of the level expected. Prices for the level of coaching were also very realistic, making the Serge Betsen Rugby programme even more appealing. I would certainly recommend Serge Betsen Rugby to anyone taking the game seriously that wants to surpass their current talent.”
Thanks Alex. See you around and good luck with your rugby career!
We hope you enjoyed this testimonial. If like Alex, you have specific needs and want to “surpass your current talent”, please contact us and we will tailor a programme for you.