BLOG POST #1 – Back to school, got to start as you mean to finish!

Back to school. Already?!

And here we are again. Starting a whole new school year, from September to July. For those lucky enough, you’re just back from your holidays, tanned and relaxed, ready to face the both epic and hectic month of September and its “back to school” rush. Fear not, SBR is giving you a couple advice to make it through the month, and reach October, a little less tanned maybe, but just as relaxed.

One key word: habits 

Let’s face it, summer time for children is all about freedom. New activities, new places, new friends: they are on a day to day adventure for two months. To avoid any back-to-school blues, it’s important to reestablish the old habits, and to recreate a new day to day adventure, this time all built around school-time.

And let’s take it easy, baby steps. Establish a morning routine, with a fixed “Wake up!” time, and a solid breakfast moment. A proper breakfast is fueling your child (and yourself!) for the day. But it’s also a good way to exchange on the day to come, to create a privileged family moment. And to put them in the right mindset for a full day at school!

Other tips: “a return to school doesn’t mean you have to give up fun” according to Z. Villines, from Good Therapy. Include in your day to day habits a little something, a special treat, so that children don’t associate school with just seriousness. Even in London, September is always a promise of a couple sunny days: take a walk in the park, hit the closest pool, and make summer lasts a little longer for all.

School and Sports, same pattern

We had to bring in that sports universe we love in that blog post. Why? Because it’s so easy to draw a comparison between that Back to School moment and the start of a season for a sportsman/sportswoman. It’s all about getting the right preparation for the year to come! If you think about pre-season, that intense moment during which fitness is key and sweat an imperative, its main goal is to set the right frame for the months to come.

So yes it’s time to switch back on, but keep an eye on the bigger picture. And always remember that you got to start as you mean to finish.

– September 2017

The SBR Team



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