Serge Betsen Rugby introduces the Alphabet Challenge: One letter. One exercise. Infinite workouts.

Despite the COVID -19 pandemic being a trying time, it has also given our team the opportunity to focus our attention on creating new ways to keep providing a unique sports approach to young children across London. Our busy team at Serge Betsen Rugby are very excited to finally share with you: The Alphabet Challenge Rugby Skills and Drills and Football Skills and Drills, a new workout concept both educational and physical. Officially launched on Friday the 12th of June at the Wasps FC, these sessions are designed for all children ranging from ages 4 to 13 years old and consist of a warm up, an alphabet challenge and a cool down. The challenge is an anagram format workout where each letter represents a different exercise with a ball. This format allows an infinite number of workouts that are specifically tailored to each age group, guaranteeing one of a kind sessions to keep strengthening and refining your skills and technique in rugby and football. 

Now, where are the Alphabet Challenges held? In order to best adhere to the RFU and government guidelines due to the current climate, we have decided to take a bespoke approach proposing numerous options. 

  • Option 1: A Virtual Alphabet Challenge via a private zoom meeting at 10:00 am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Book here for ages 6 to 9 years old and here for ages 10 to 12 years old.
  • Option 2: A Physical Alphabet Challenge at the Wasp FC with numerous and flexible time slots throughout the week. Book here for Rugby and here for Football.
  • Option 3: A Physical Alphabet Challenge near you! Send us an email at to schedule your personal sessions. 

The children’s enthusiasm and competitive spirit during the Alphabet Challenge’s first week both at private group sessions and school bookings, such as the Lycée Charles de Gaulle and Middlesex Rugby, have been nothing short of extraordinary. These workouts are rooted by Serge’s inspiring words: ‘Both intellect and sports should be a part of what we define as success. However, it is not what people usually believe in. My vision? A system where all your achievements can be acknowledged, both on and off the pitch” and are taught with passion whilst putting your children’s need for progress at the forefront of every session. The eye to hand coordination movements are systematically imbedded in every session we offer as we believe they are crucial life-long transferable skills and key to your children’s development. 

Below are some reviews from children of all ages, skill levels and abilities: 

“Each session goes too fast. I enjoy and love the challenge” Louise, 6 years old. 

“I really enjoy the alphabet system and Cyril is a great coach. I look forward to the sessions and try to beat everyone’s times!” Frazer, 10 years old. 

“I had a lot of fun. I learned about spinning the ball properly, it was a good workout.” Andrea, under 13s.

‘Really enjoyed Sunday’s session, I got a lot out of it” Nell, under 13s. 

“Very fun yet sometimes challenging. The alphabet concept is a pretty cool concept. Cyril is also pretty cool at kick ups” Luca, 13 years old. 

We would like to thank the great team at Serge Betsen Rugby for conceptualising, designing and delivering from scratch our new workout and to all of those who have showed immense support in the launch of The Alphabet Challenge. There’s no time to wait: book now.